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What Clients Say About Attorney Paul Moraski

“Paul Moraski is without a doubt a master of practiced law and professionalism inside the court room. His knowledge of criminal law is balanced with his genuine care for his clients and their case. Paul brings a refreshing appreciation for practitioners of the law.”
– Andrew A.

“I have never had a lawyer who actually cared about my case as much as Paul. He is by far the most professional lawyer I have ever had. I would not want anyone representing me unless it was Paul Moraski.”
– Richard D
“Paul you’re the MAN! Attorney Paul Moraski represented me in an OUI case…horrible situation. Paul was the first attorney I found and immediately got a great vibe. When it comes to offensive I would call him the “Tom Brady” of attorneys (you have to see him in action).”
– Derick R.

Salem Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Moraski specializes exclusively in Criminal Defense. He understands that being charged with a Criminal Offense can be a frightening and humiliating experience. After you have been arrested, the police and prosecutors have already made the decision that there is enough evidence to convict you of the crime you are charged with. Experienced prosecutors and law enforcement officers will pursue your criminal case relentlessly. In Massachusetts, we have an adversarial system, meaning that only your Criminal Defense Attorney will advocate on your behalf. Many people who have not had experience in the criminal justice system believe that maybe the prosecutor or Judge will take it easy on them because they are a nice people or because they have never done anything wrong before. However, the prosecutor’s job is to pursue convictions in most cases and the Judge’s duty is to uphold the law. Only an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney like Attorney Moraski can help navigate your case through the complicated waters of the criminal justice system.

With a reputation for aggressively representing criminal clients, with an eye towards litigation. Many attorneys are afraid to take your case to trial for fear of losing, the hard work that goes with trying cases and because of the time it takes to go to trial. Attorney Moraski loves going to trial and is a firm believer that taking cases to trial gets a client the best results. Oftentimes, by forcing the prosecution to trial and not taking a plea deal, it forces the prosecution to see the weaknesses with their own case and weaknesses in their own witnesses. Additionally, taking cases to trial will usually force the prosecutor to offer you the best deal. Usually a client would never be offered such a good deal at the pre-trial stage of litigation, but once the prosecutor sees the weakness in his or her case and the time and energy of the trial that lies ahead, you usually get your best offer the day of trial. Attorney Moraski handles everything from serious felony charges like Murder, Home Invasion and Robbery, all the way down to misdemeanor charges like OUI, Assault and Battery and Drug Possession Charges. When you are faced with a serious criminal charge that carries jail time, you need an experienced attorney who will fight for you every step of the way, especially at the trial phase.

What Clients Say About Paul Moraski


Attorney Moraski believes that the best defense is in the details. Clients who are charged with crimes know the facts and circumstances that pertain to their case, which is why it is essential to spend that time with every client to best prepare their legal defense.

“Paul is a Savior! Paul is an excellent defense attorney. I remember telling him that he is a bull dog in court and I thank my lucky stars that I decided to have him represent me. He will take care of your case from start to finish and he will let you know that you need to stop worrying because it’s his job to do that and provide the best defense for your money.”

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What Clients Say About Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul Moraski

“I can’t begin to describe the level of relief and peace of mind I had once that occurred. Attorney Moraski takes care of his clients and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance.”Jaime
“I don’t think I could ever find the words that would express my genuine appreciation and satisfaction with everything Paul has done for my family. When my husband was arrested in August 2015, I was heart broken, overwhelmed, and scared. Paul is hands down the BEST lawyer/man I have ever come across.”Megan

“Attorney Paul Moraski provided great support and was honest from the start. I was accused of theft, but he miraculously got it dropped. Its not even on my record! The truth will always come to light and he provided that light! Thank You Paul!”Rhemi
“Attorney Paul Moraski is a very trust worthy lawyer and person. He represented me on an OUI 2nd offense. He was able to find me NOT GUILTY and also have my license reinstated. I would highly recommend Attorney Moraski to anyone who prefers an Attorney that will go above and beyond for there client.”Amanda

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The DUI Lawyer You Need To Get You Out Trouble

In Massachusetts, the words “Criminal Defense” are synonymous with Attorney Paul R. Moraski. Having specialized solely in this area of law, he has years of experience relentlessly advocating for those in need of skilled yet compassionate defense. Preferring litigation over plea deals to obtain the best results, he never backs down from a fight to protect your freedoms. When you find yourself arrested or charged with a criminal offense, don’t take a risk. Place your trust Attorney Moraski’s capable hands.

Your rights are your most precious assets under the law, so when they’re jeopardized by criminal charges, you owe it to yourself to choose immediate and aggressive help. Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Paul R. Moraski has built his well-reputed career helping people in the fight of their lives. Every effort is made to conduct a thorough, independent investigation of the circumstances surrounding your criminal law case, from which a solid defense can be built. From the moment you contact Attorney Moraski’s office to the final verdict – and every moment in between – we’re here for you.

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving, Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, or Operating Under the Influence, you need a qualified and experienced attorney in your corner to make sure your rights are protected. In Massachusetts, Driving Under the Influence is referred to as Operating Under the Influence. Since the passage of “Melanie’s Law” (drunk driving statute enacted by the Legislator in Massachusetts), the penalties for DUI/OUI have substantially increased.

Domestic Violence

You've been booked and thrown in a cell, wondering what to do next. The answer, call an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney. We aggressively fight domestic violence cases in Massachusetts.

Offense is the Best Defense

Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officers are already pursuing your case against you. You need someone fighting for you now. Once you call me, I will begin mapping out your defense and you will gain the much needed peace of mind that you need.

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DUI/OUI or Drunk Driving

Fighting a drunk driving case presents so many questions as to whether you run the risk of being incarcerated, losing your license and for how long, and what is the best solution for my particular circumstance

A Lawyer When You Need One

You deserve the very best legal representation, so do not hire some fly-by-night attorney who is only interested in resolving your case at the very next Court date, call Attorney Moraski for a free consultation and find out what the best options are for your particular situation.

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Falsely Accused of Sexual Assualt

Attorney Moraski has defended all types of Sex-Crime Charges, so if you would like to work with an experienced attorney who has vast experience defending clients charged with Sex-Crimes. Contact me today to start planning your defense case today.

Unwavering Defense

The laws pertaining to sex offenses are unwavering, and so are Attorney Moraski’s defensive strategies.

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“My office is dedicated to protecting the freedom, constitutional rights, record, and reputation of each of my clients. My office will handle every aspect of your criminal case so that you won’t have to.”

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is a crucial step if you have been charged with a crime in Massachusetts. When it comes to criminal law cases, an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between serving a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges.

People that are facing criminal charges need an aggressive criminal attorney that is both loyal and devoted. That’s what my office provides.

Attorney Moraski is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to help you get through your criminal case. So, don’t wait until it is too late, give Attorney Moraski a a call or chat with us so he can start working on your case and give you a free phone consultation at (978) 744-1200.

  • “Paul is a great lawyer and his results speak for themselves.”

  • “Never have I come across a lawyer that made sure I was also doing what was best for me before financially investing once again.”

  • “Paul is undoubtedly the best criminal lawyer I have ever hired. His great work ethic and expertise in the courtroom resulted in a win for a very complex legal situation.”

  • “I was very pleased with the services that Attorney Moraski provided in my court case. He not only got the best possilbe outcome in a somewhat tricky case, but his professionalism and personal regard towards my well being throughout this process was exceptional.”

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