Appeals Tips

Thinking of representing yourself in court? It is your right… However, it is our pleasure. If you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the law, that is ever-changing, then it’s not unlike kayaking down Niagara Falls for the first time, alone, with no experience. You will likely be usurped by a wall of white water. As would be the likely outcome of representing yourself in a court of law if you don’t have experience. The Prosecutors would likely devour you for sport.

That’s why Attorney Paul Moraski defends his clients so vigorously. You shouldn’t be regarded as a case number, but a human being with inalienable rights. You need someone on your side who not only knows the law, but knows you. Whether you are facing DUI/OUI or first degree murder, Attorney Moraski is prepared with the skill and knowledge to handle your case. Call us today for a consultation. Preserving your future is our goal.

What Are The Elements Of Appealing A Conviction In Massachusetts?

 When To Appeal

If you or someone you know has been convicted of a crime and sentenced, but you feel as though that person was wrongly convicted, or if a serious legal error has occurred, there are still options. Attorney Moraski knows and thoroughly understands the appeals process and will work with you to ensure that your appeal is handled with the utmost diligence and care. Many times, once convicted, people give up and feel that the system is too big an adversary. And they are right… If they go it alone. If you should win your appeal, think of the new lease on life you or someone you know could have.

What Is An Appeal?

An appeal is a request to a higher court to assess and modify the decision of the lower court. During an appeal, the defendant is able to challenge the sentence or the conviction itself.

What Happens If I Win My Appeal?

Typically, a successful appeal brings the case back to its initial stages. In some instances it can put an end to the case altogether.

Facing The Criminal Justice System’s Imbalances

 If you or someone you know is facing the criminal justice system as an adult or youth, the best way they can be protected from criminal charges is to hire a skilled criminal lawyer.
Our knowledge and expertise in the courtroom will galvanize your defense and give you a fighting chance in an otherwise unforgiving justice system . Whether it is a drug offense such as drug possession or drug trafficking, to violent crimes, our competent criminal lawyers are available to speak to you and offer legal counsel.

All too often we hear about the need for sentence reform in our country. While there is much talk, there is little action. We still imprison a startling majority of the world’s prison population when we make up such a small minority of the world’s overall population. We are here to tilt the scales of justice and help to correct the imbalance.

Why Go To Trial?

 Often times, the Prosecutor, D.A, Judge, and all persons involved, want to expedite a criminal case by offering up a plea deal. We’ve all seen it on any given TV law drama, but we all ask the same thing… If they are so adamant about their innocence, why not go to trial?

If only it were that simple. Often times, along with the Prosecutor, D.A, Judge and Police, even a Defense Attorney will want to strike a deal.

If a plea bargain is what you want, so be it. We can accommodate that. If an aggressive trial attorney who is willing to fight for you in a court of law is what you want, you needn’t look beyond. We aren’t afraid to go to trial. We welcome it. Attorney Paul Moraski will familiarize himself and his staff with every fine detail of your case. Available 24/7, Attorney Moraski is thorough and steadfast and will not rest until justice is on your side.

Don’t let the State, Prosecutors, D.A., Police or even your attorney decide your fate without your input. Call us today for a team that is willing to go the distance to fight for you.