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Armed Robbery

In Massachusetts, Armed Robbery carries the maximum penalty of life in prison. You do not need to actually have a weapon on you to be charged with Armed Robbery. Instead, you just have to mention that you have a weapon or possibly give the appearance that you have a weapon to be charged with Armed Robbery. When someone commits the crime of robbery in a home, Massachusetts calls this “armed burglary” or “armed home invasion”, both of these crimes also carry life in prison.

Many of these types of cases come down to being able to identify the perpetrator. Oftentimes, Law Enforcement Officers use suggestive techniques to help aid a witness in identifying a suspect they believe committed the crime. There are certain Constitutional safeguards that have been put in place by our Courts, that allow an experienced and skilled attorney to suppress an improper identification that may have taken place. If the motion to suppress the identification is allowed by the Court, it may leave Prosecutors with no case against you.

Additionally, there are procedural safeguards that must be followed for Law Enforcement Officers to properly search and seize the weapon that may have been used in the commission of the Armed Robbery. The manner in which the weapon was seized is also subject to the 4th Amendment search and seizure laws, which may be suppressed by a talented attorney who is familiar with search and seizure law.

If you have been charged with Armed Robbery you need to contact an experienced attorney who gets proven results, so please contact Massachusetts Attorney Paul R. Moraski today, at (978) 744-1200.

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