Can I Appear Before a Criminal Court without an Attorney?

Being charged with a crime can be a jolting experience. As you struggle to understand your options and what you are going to do next, one thing that you will surely think about is whether or not you need a criminal defense lawyer. The following considers the benefits of hiring a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney, and whether or not representing yourself ever makes sense–

Is Representing Yourself a Good Idea?

For whatever reason, some people who are charged with a crime may want to represent themselves during the criminal process. This may be because the defendant doesn’t believe that they will be convicted or that the penalties are severe enough to justify hiring a lawyer, because they don’t think they can afford an attorney, because they have had a bad experience with an attorney in the past, and more. Whatever the reason, while self representation is possible, choosing to represent oneself is rarely a good idea. This is especially true for more serious criminal charges, where the outcome of the case could be especially serious. The only time that hiring an attorney may not be a necessity is in the event that you understand your options, your case is straightforward, you are willing to invest the time necessary into preparing your case, and the consequences of a conviction are minor, such as a minor fee.

The Benefits of Working with a Criminal Defense Attorney

While you may have a right to represent yourself during the criminal process, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is often the smarter move. The benefits of working with a criminal defense attorney include:

  • Knowledge of the criminal law system;
  • Knowledge of the law regarding your specific crime type;
  • Relationship with the criminal law system and those within in, including police officers, the prosecution, and judges;
  • Ability to investigate charges against you and collect any evidence;
  • Understanding of your constitutional rights and how to protect them;
  • Handling of all paperwork and legal documents related to your case;
  • Creation of a legal strategy;
  • Large staff who helps keep things organized; and
  • Ability to understand your options and negotiate with the prosecution when need be.

Of course, working with a criminal defense attorney also means that you are hiring someone whose primary goal is to defend you. This provides you with a much-needed support system and source of legal information.

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