Home Invasion

Breaking into a person’s home is a serious offense in Massachusetts that can result in criminal penalties, including large fines and the potential of incarceration. If you have been charged with a home invasion in Massachusetts, it’s important that you understand the definition of home invasion, what the prosecution will need to prove in order to secure a conviction against … Read More

Using a Fake ID Card in Massachusetts

Using a fake ID card may be tempting, particularly for underage individuals who are trying to purchase alcohol. While using a fake ID card may seem like a rather trivial offense, the reality is that using a fake ID card can result in criminal penalties and a black mark on your criminal record. If you have been charged with using … Read More

Default Warrant in Massachusetts

When a person commits a crime in Massachusetts, a warrant for their arrest may be issued by the court. However, there are other situations in which a warrant could be issued. If you have had a default warrant issued against you, it’s important that you understand what a default warrant is, the effects of a default warrant, and how you … Read More

Massachusetts Surchargeable Infractions

Traffic violations are common. From running a red light to accidentally speeding in a school zone, it can be difficult to avoid being ticketed for a traffic offense. However, some traffic offenses are more serious than others, and some offenses are serious enough to result in an increase in your insurance premiums. If you are involved in an accident and … Read More

Punishment for the Charge of Resisting Arrest in MA

An encounter with law enforcement can be scary. In many cases, a person may be fearful of their rights or their person, and may attempt to flee from police as a result. While the inclination to resist arrest may be natural or reactive, it’s important to understand that resisting arrest can carry additional penalties in Massachusetts. If you have been … Read More

Massachusetts Disorderly Conduct

The crime of disorderly conduct is sometimes described as a “catchall” for a variety of acts and behaviors that are considered disorderly and disruptive to the public at large. While disorderly conduct is only a misdemeanor offense, having a charge of disorderly conduct on your record can still harm your reputation and limit your future opportunities. If you are facing … Read More

Cyberbullying and Online Harassment in Massachusetts

In today’s digital world, harassment and bullying don’t always occur in person, but instead may involve text, email, social media, or other digital tools and communications. In some cases, cyberbullying and online harassment can constitute a crime. If you are facing charges of cyberbullying and online harassment, working with a skilled defense lawyer who is familiar with cases like yours … Read More

Child Assault in Massachusetts

Crimes involving children are heavily penalized in Massachusetts. If you have been accused of a crime involving a child, such as child assault or abuse, seeking legal representation immediately is critical. At The Law Office of Paul R. Moraski, our experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can help. Reach out to our law firm today for a consultation. 

What Should I Know About Search and Seizure in Massachusetts?

Being searched by the police can feel like a violation of your privacy, as well as an activity that leaves you incredibly nervous and unsure about what happens next. What’s more, you may believe that the police have a right to search your property or person in all situations—but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

DUI and Driving with a Suspended License in Massachusetts

While many traffic crimes are considered minor offenses that do not carry severe penalties, neither driving under the influence (DUI) nor driving with a suspended license fall into this category. If you have been stopped and charged with a DUI or driving with a suspended license, you may be facing large fines and other consequences, including a period of incarceration … Read More