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Credit Card Fraud Accusations

Today most of our financial transactions occur by either Credit Card or Check these days. These crimes are treated as serious offenses by Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecutors. Since these crimes are taken so seriously, Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecutors use a great amount of resources in investigating these cases. With the help of modern technology, Law Enforcement Officers have gotten better at tracking these cases, which makes it harder to evade the law when charged with these crimes. Some of the common examples of Check and Credit Card Fraud include:

• Larceny by Check
• Larceny by False Pretenses
• Forgery
• Uttering
• Identity Theft
• Credit Card Fraud

The key to defending these cases is having an attorney conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf. Attorney Moraski will seek discovery of all exculpatory evidence that could clear you of the charges and investigate all available pre-trial and trial defenses.

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