What Is a Cinderella License in Massachusetts?

When a person is convicted of an offense involving a motor vehicle, such as an OUI/DUI, they will likely have their driver’s license suspended. While suspending a driver’s license is one of the primary ways that the state of Massachusetts punishes those who are convicted of – or plead guilty to – DUI charges, not having your license can take a serious toll on your life. To be sure, most people need their vehicle to commute to work each day, transport children, and perform other day-to-day tasks.

For those who absolutely need their driver’s license to get to work, the state of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles offers a Cinderella License, also known as a hardship license or restricted license.

What Is a Cinderella License?

A cinderella license is a type of restricted license that allows the person who holds it to drive for a limited amount of time each day. Driving time is usually capped at a maximum of 12 hours during a 12-hour period – i.e. from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., seven days a week. These types of licenses are only granted to people who already have a driver’s license (which has been suspended), and is only considered for the following offenses, according to The Official Website of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles:

  • First offense (24D);
  • Drug offense (94C);
  • Habitual traffic offender; and
  • Multiple offense OUI.

How to Get a Hardship License in Massachusetts

All persons who wish to obtain a cinderella license must prove that they would suffer a hardship – such as losing their job – by being unable to drive. All persons who apply for a hardship license must also attend a hearing at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. During the hearing, you will need to present all relevant documentation, including documentation of a legitimate hardship. In order to document hardship, you will need to provide a letter from your employer that states how many hours you work, when these hours are worked, and why you need a hardship license. Getting a hardship license is completely up to the discretion of the hearings officer, who has no legal obligation to grant you a hardship license. Because of this, it is highly advised that you work with a legal professional who understands the system and can improve your chances of receiving your hardship license.

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