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Lawyer for Criminal Appeals

When seeking a Criminal Appeal, you are going to be asking a higher court to decide an issue that you believe was wrongly decided by a Trial Court. For example, you may ask the higher court (such as the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court or Federal Circuit Court of Appeals) to determine whether the Lower/Trial Court erred in its interpretation and application of the law. In Massachusetts, the purpose of the appellate courts is to review the decisions of the Lower/Trial Courts. It is inevitable that mistakes will happen, even by the most astute legal minds, that is why the appellate courts exist.

Innocent Massachusetts Defendants receive wrongful convictions and these mistakes happen during the defense of your case at the Lower/Trial Court level. Since the legal system is intimidating and the appellate process is complicated, many Defendants accept their fate and endure the dire consequences. Oftentimes, when the transcript is reviewed by a skilled appellate attorney, potential errors are discovered and a Motion for a New Trial is Granted.

Some of the common mistakes that are made at the Lower/Trial Court level include:

  • Defense Evidence was Excluded by the Lower/Trial Court, that should have been heard by the Jury.
  • Defense Attorney made a mistake which may have deprived the defendant of effective assistance of counsel.
  • The Prosecutor made an unintentional error.
  • The Prosecutor engaged in intentional misconduct, that was not properly corrected by the Lower/Trial Court Judge.
  • The Lower/Trial Court permitted the prosecutor to introduce evidence that should have been excluded.

It can feel hopeless for a Defendant who has been wrongly convicted of a crime. If you have been wrongly convicted of a crime, please do not hesitate to contact Aggressive Massachusetts Appellate Attorney Paul R. Moraski today, at (978) 744 – 1200.

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