Domestic Assault and Battery

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Domestic Assault and Battery


As you may know, the United States Constitution and the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights guarantees everybody a fair trial, and assumes that all accused persons are innocent until proven Guilty. However, if you are facing Criminal Charges you need someone who is advocating on your behalf. Attorney Paul R. Moraski is a professional who has intimate knowledge of the law and will fight for you.

The Law Office of Paul R. Moraski is located in Salem, Massachusetts, but services all Courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Attorney Moraski has dealt with virtually every kind of Criminal Case. When you hire Attorney Moraski to represent you in a Criminal Case, you can feel secure that you are hiring a Criminal Attorney who will use all of the legal precedents and legal statutes available, to zealously defend you in Court.

Domestic Strangulation / Kidnapping

The New Domestic Violence Laws also introduced two new crimes that can be charged in Massachusetts. These crimes are Domestic Strangulation and Domestic Kidnapping. These crimes have concurrent jurisdiction, meaning that they can proceed in the District or Superior Courts of Massachusetts. In the case of Domestic Violence Strangulation, the law also creates an aggravated version of Aggravated Strangulation that carries more incarceration time.

Domestic Violence Cori

Pursuant to the Change in the Domestic Violence Laws, the law now mandates additional statewide record keeping requirements. Whenever a Judge finds a person to be dangerous, the clerk must notify the probation department, who then has to place the order of detention or conditions in both the statewide domestic violence record keeping system and in the defendant’s Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI). This means that if a person is found dangerous by a Judge after a 58A Dangerousness Hearing, there will be a record of it kept in the statewide domestic violence database and on a person’s CORI.

Domestic Violence Case Fees

There are many Fees associated with Domestic Violence cases. One new fee is the Domestic Violence Prevention Assessment. The law adds a mandatory domestic violence prevention assessment of $50 for convictions of violating a restraining order, Domestic Assault and Battery, Domestic Strangulation or any act “which would constitute abuse.” This is a $50 fee which is deposited in the Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance Fund. Here is a list of other commonly associated fees with Domestic Violence Cases:

  • Probation Fees
  • Victim Witness Fees
  • GPS Monitoring Fees
  • Additional Court Fines/Fees

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