How Long WIll a Conviction Stay on My Criminal Record?

Being charged with a crime is scary and upsetting in itself; being convicted of that crime is even worse. However, many people assume that by fulfilling the punishment to which they’ve been sentenced, maintaining good behavior, and reintegrating into society as a productive citizen, their criminal charges will no longer hold them back. Unfortunately, a crime may stay on your permanent record for decades, forever impeding certain areas of your life. Our Boston criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Paul R. Moraski can help you to understand how long a criminal conviction will remain on your criminal record, as well as what your options are for removing a conviction from your record–

How Long Will a Crime Remain on My Record?

It is not uncommon to think that after years or decades have passed and a criminal history is long behind someone, their criminal record will be cleared. But this is not the case; if you are convicted of a crime in Boston or elsewhere in Massachusetts, the crime will stay on your permanent criminal record–and therefore be accessible to anyone who looks it up, such as a prospective employer–for life. Even if you are on good behavior, have paid all of your criminal fees, and haven’t been accused or charged with any other crimes, the crime for which you were convicted will not be removed from your record.

Is There Any Way to Remove a Crime from My Record?

The only way that you can have a crime removed from your permanent record is to file a request to have your record expunged or sealed. The process for sealing a criminal record is governed by Massachusetts General Laws Section 100A, and explains that you can only request for your record to be sealed if:

  • You were convicted of a misdemeanor crime and at least three years have passed from that conviction or the date that you concluded jail or prison time, whichever is later; or
  • You were convicted of a felony crime and at least seven years have passed since the date of your conviction or date that you concluded serving jail or prison time, whichever is later.

(You may also request for a court to seal a criminal court record without a conviction in some cases.)

Sealing your criminal record is the only way to prevent a crime for which you were convicted from being seen by others, including future employers, institutions of higher educations, and more.

How Our Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Having your criminal record hold you back and prevent you from opportunities isn’t fair. If it has been years since you were convicted of a crime, please reach out to our Boston criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Paul R. Moraski. Attorney Paul Moraski provides aggressive criminal defense, is in good standing with various legal organizations, and is passionate about helping people like you improve their futures. Please call 978-397-0011 for your free consultation, or send our law firm a message today.