How to Defend Against a Drug Possession Charge in Massachusetts

Drug crimes are taken very seriously by the prosecution in Massachusetts. If you are facing drug charges, it’s important that you’re aware of the penalties of a conviction, how to defend yourself against charges, and your legal rights throughout the process. One important right is your right to legal representation. At The Law Office of Paul R. Moraski, our Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer will advocate for you. Call today to learn more about how to defend yourself against a charge of drug possession in MA. 

Penalties for a Drug Conviction in Massachusetts

The penalties for a conviction of drug possession in Massachusetts will vary depending on the type of controlled substance involved, the amount of the controlled substance, and the criminal history of the defendant and whether this is a first or subsequent offense. Penalties could include fines, jail or prison time, community service, or/and mandatory rehabilitation/education courses. Drug charges will also stay on a person’s record unless the record is sealed or expunged. 

Potential Defenses for Drug Possession Charges

When you work with a skilled criminal defense lawyer, you can explore the different options for defending yourself against the charges you’re facing. Potential defenses could include:

  • EntrapmentThe police planted the drugs on you or coerced you into drug possession.
  • Illegal search and seizure—If the drugs were found when the police were conducting a search without probable cause, your permission, or a search warrant, your rights have been violated. 
  • Legal possession—Depending on the drug in question, you may have had a legal reason for possession, such as a prescription.
  • Wrong person—It is possible that you have been charged with drug possession based on mistaken identity.
  • Lack of knowledge—Depending on your situation, you may be able to argue that you did not know that you had drugs in your possession and that the drugs were not yours. 

Other Defense Strategies

In addition to building out one of the defenses listed above or another viable defense, it’s also important that you present yourself to the court as a law-abiding citizen. As such, part of your defense strategy should include avoiding criminal behavior or those who have a history of engaging in criminal behavior, showing up for all of your court dates, being well-dressed and respectful before the court, and gathering evidence that paints a picture of you as a law-abiding, respectable citizen. Your attorney can advise you of ways to build your defense and mitigate the worst possible consequences of drug charges. 

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