How to Get a Cinderella License In Massachusetts

If you were charged with a DUI or OUI (operating under the influence) but need your driver’s license to get to work, school or for medical treatment, you may be able to obtain a limited or restricted license to do so, often referred to as a Cinderella license.

These restricted licenses limit you to driving within a certain 12-hour period, 7-days per week. Not all applicants for this license will receive one, and you do need to have the documentation required before the RMV will issue you the license.

The decision whether to grant you the Cinderella license is entirely at the discretion of the RMV who will also consider your age, number of past offenses, and the nature and circumstances surrounding your license suspension.

First Offense

For a first offense, you will need to attend the RMV hardship hearing with the following:

  • No evidence of driving since your date of suspension
  • All other active suspensions or revocation periods have ended
  • You provide documentation on letterhead of the 9024D program that you are enrolled in or are attending
  • You have documented a legitimate hardship. If for employment, you need a letter no older than 30-days from your employer demonstrating your need for a license and your work hours. If self-employed, submit tax forms, copy of your professional license, or business certificate and a personal letter detailing your need for the license
  • If license is needed for school or medical purposes, you will need a letter from the school or medical provider demonstrating a hardship due to lack of a license
  • Provide proof of availability of public transportation such as a bus schedule or other transit route
  • If granted, provide proof of installation of an ignition interlock device on all vehicles that you use

Multiple Offenses

For someone with prior DUI convictions, you can still apply for and receive a Cinderella license for a set 12-hour period provided you provide the same documentation as above with some additional documentation. The RMV will examine the circumstances of your offense and past offenses to see if there were aggravating or egregious circumstances as well as your general character. You will also have a certain waiting period before applying:

  • If the suspension is 1-year—wait 3 months into the suspension for a work/school hardship, or 6-months for a general hardship
  • If the suspension is 2-years—wait 1-year into the suspension for a work/school hardship or 18-months for general hardship
  • If the suspension is 8-years, wait 2-years into the suspension for a work/school or 4-years for general hardship
  • If the suspension is 10-years, wait 5-years into the suspension for a work/school or 8-years for a general hardship

Along with no record or evidence of operating a motor vehicle since your suspension and that all other active suspensions or revocations have expired, you will need to also to provide:

  1. Documentation of completion of a proper alcohol treatment program, including 2-week in-house program for 2nd offenders, and 90-day in-house for 3rd and 4th offenders
  2. Discharge summary from the treatment program with risk factor or recidivist rates for that program
  3. Proof of compliance with all after-care conditions including “2nd Offender Completion Letter Needed for Hardship Consideration” from the after-care provider. If additional after-care is recommended, the applicant needs a Progress Review from the substance abuse center/counselor
  4. Letter from the Probation Department no more than 30-days old confirming you are in compliance with all conditions of probation
  5. Letter from employer or school confirming hardship and need for license along with your hours of work
  6. Same requirements as for first offenders if self-employed
  7. Proof of availability of public transportation including bus and transit schedules
  8. Proof of installation of interlock devices on all cars used

Adhering to all these requirements and steps the first time is essential to avoid delay or  to cast doubt on the credibility of your subsequent application. Call Paul Moraski at (978) 397-0011, an experienced DUI defense lawyer, who has successfully handled RMV hardship hearings so that you may have the best opportunity to obtain a Cinderella license.