Involuntary Manslaughter Charges in MA

One of the most serious types of crimes in Massachusetts is the killing of another person. Even if the death happens without intent or foresight, taking another’s life is illegal in our state. When a death like this occurs, the at-fault party might be charged with involuntary manslaughter. If you have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in MA, our criminal defense attorney can help. Don’t delay in calling immediately. 

What Is Involuntary Manslaughter in Massachusetts? 

There are two different definitions for the crime of involuntary manslaughter in our state. Involuntary manslaughter occurs when the defendant:

  • Commits an unlawful killing that resulted from the defendant’s wanton or reckless conduct; or
  • Commits an unlawful killing as a result of engaging in a dangerous battery.

In order to secure a conviction of involuntary manslaughter, the prosecution has the burden of proving:

  1. The defendant caused the killing of another person that was not lawful; there was no legal justification for the killing.
  2. The defendant was engaging in reckless or wanton conduct—which is conduct that is highly likely to cause substantial injury or death to another party, or was engaging in battery. 
  3. The reckless or wanton conduct or battery was the cause of the victim’s death. 

Perhaps the most common example of involuntary manslaughter is driving a car while drunk, resulting in a fatal accident. 

Penalties for Involuntary Manslaughter

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 265 Section 13 outlines the penalties for involuntary manslaughter. According to the code, involuntary manslaughter can result in imprisonment of up to 20 years in a state prison and imprisonment in a jail for up to two and a half years. Being charged with involuntary manslaughter can also result in expensive court and legal fees, as well as permanently stain a defendant’s criminal record. 

Why It’s Important to Work with a Skilled Attorney

If you are facing charges for involuntary manslaughter, you could be facing years behind bars if convicted. With so much on the line, it is critical that you work with a skilled attorney. Your attorney will be responsible for investigating your case, helping you to understand the charges you’re facing and the range of penalties, building your defense, assessing the prosecution’s evidence against you and poking holes in their arguments, negotiating a plea bargain on your behalf, and working hard to protect your best interests and legal rights throughout the process. Without an attorney, you may be at a greater risk of conviction and the harshest possible sentencing.

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