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When someone is charged with Murder, the stakes have never been higher. In Massachusetts, if you are convicted of First Degree Murder, you are looking at a life time prison sentence, without the possibility of parole. Today Murders are prosecuted with the highest degree of scientific technology that is available. This means that an attorney must be well-versed in DNA, fingerprint analysis, ballistics and the cross-examination of expert witnesses that will be called to testify by Prosecutors.

All of the same defenses are available to you in a Murder Case. Some cases come down to the whereabouts of the Murder suspect at the time and place where the Murder was alleged to have happened. This may come down to an alibi defense, showing the jury that you were somewhere else when the crime was committed. Other cases, may come down to suppressing or attacking the identification of the suspect, via lineup identification or photo array. Eye-witness testimony has been scientifically proven to be some of the most unreliable testimony there is.

Time and time again, a skillful cross examination has shown us that people are mistaken, and what they believed they saw, really was not the case. Other times, a Murder case might revolve upon a mutual combat theory, where an individual was exercising their right to defend themselves. Just because someone died as a result of self-defense, does not mean that a Murder was committed. Someone could have intended to kill the other person, however, he or she could have been justified in doing so, in self-defense, and therefore no Murder has taken place.

The seriousness of a Murder Charge can only be offset by an equally skilled and knowledgeable attorney. If you find yourself in the fight of your life, make things simpler for yourself: call Attorney Paul R. Moraski. You need a Defense Attorney who, 1) has the experience to formulate the strongest defense possible based on evidence and independent investigation, 2) who vehemently challenges the prosecution and adeptly cross-examines their claims, and 3) who understands the nuances of addressing a jury. The best defense against a Murder Charge is Attorney Moraski.

In a Murder Case, even though all of the same defenses are available to you, the stakes are the highest.

Not every tragedy that results in death is a crime. Ordinary people become involved in situations that they have no control over. It may appear from an outsider’s view, that the tragedy warrants a conviction and incarceration because a death occurred.

It is my job as a murder attorney, to protect my client from the over-reaching government that is seeking a conviction based public outcry because of the tragedy. I will provide you with a zealous defense against an organized, powerful, well-funded government that is seeking their conviction. In order to protect your rights when the stakes are the highest, please contact Massachusetts Attorney Paul R. Moraski today at (978) 744 – 1200.

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