Hidden GPS Tracker Could Lead You to Criminal Charges in Massachusetts

GPS tracking can be quite convenient. It’s a quick, easy, and affordable way to monitor a person or vehicle. It’s especially helpful to parents worried about their kids traveling to and from school, or firms with employees on the road. However, depending on the circumstances, a hidden GPS tracker may result in criminal charges in Salem Massachusetts.

Salem Defense Lawyer: Should Urging Someone To Commit Suicide Be a Crime?

Back in 2017, the world’s attention was on the case of then 17-year-old Michelle Carter, who encouraged her boyfriend, 18-year-old Conrad Roy, to commit suicide via text. Known colloquially as the “texting suicide case,” it brought to light the fact that Massachusetts state law wasn’t fully equipped to handle such cases, and raised questions about of misuse of the law. 

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What To Do If Charged With Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon

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