Boston Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is a statutory offense under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13A, and is a felony with serious penalties and consequences if convicted. There are 5 elements to this offense: You committed an unlawful touching of another person You intended to touch or to make physical contact with that person The touching or contact was offensive or harmful … Read More

An Overview of the Massachusetts Criminal Court Process

Being charged with a crime is unnerving. While working with a lawyer is one of the most critical parts of protecting your rights, it’s also key that you have an understanding of the fundamental elements of the criminal justice system and criminal court process. Here is a succinct overview of the basics – for more information, especially as it pertains … Read More

Arrested for Drug Possession What You Need to Know

Drug possession is one of the most common criminal offenses, not surprising given the widespread use of drugs in American culture and the increasing decriminalization for some substances like marijuana. But although recreational marijuana is now legal in Massachusetts, it remains illegal for you to possess more than one gram of it. And, possession of other commonly used substances like … Read More

Drinking and Driving Under Age 21 – Potential DUI Penalties in Brockton

For drivers who are 21 years of age or above, having a single drink and then getting behind the wheel of a car isn’t illegal (assuming that that single beverage doesn’t result in any impairment). In fact, drivers maintain the right to drive after drinking so long as their blood alcohol content is not .08 percent or greater, and so … Read More

Defining Drug Distribution in Boston: Crime and Penalties

In Massachusetts, the possession of a controlled substance is a crime. However, even more serious than the crime of possession of a controlled substance is the crime of distributing or intending to distribute a controlled substance. If you have been charged with a drug distribution crime in Boston, our Boston criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Paul R. … Read More

Is Sexting a Crime in Salem, Massachusetts?

Data provided by the Pew Research Center shows that a whopping 95 percent of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind, and that the percentage of Americans who own a smartphone is 77 percent. Which means that in 2019, the ability to take and send a photo with a phone in a matter of seconds is nearly ubiquitous. While … Read More

Charged with a DUI in Boston as a Commercial Driver – What’s Next?

Due to the nature of the work, commercial drivers in Boston and throughout the state of Massachusetts are held to a higher standard than are regular drivers. In fact, not only are the requirements for receiving a commercial driver’s license more stringent, but commercial drivers can face more serious penalties if they break the law. If you’re a commercial driver … Read More

What Are My Rights if I’m Arrested for Selling Drugs in Worcester?

Being charged with a drug crime can be a terrifying experience, especially because a conviction for a drug crime in Massachusetts can have serious penalties. The penalties become even more severe if the crime is not a mere possession crime, but a distribution crime, and if the amounts of drugs involved are large. If you are arrested and charged with … Read More

Top 3 DUI Defenses

Being charged with a DUI could mean jail time, a suspension of your license, community service, a large fine, and various other consequences. Which is why if you’re facing DUI charges in Worcester, understanding the potential defense options available to you–and how to build your case to protect your best interests–is of critical importance. Here are three of the most … Read More