What Does the Prosecution Have to Prove in Order to Secure a Conviction?

Being charged with a crime can be terrifying. However, it’s important to remember that you have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. What’s more, you do not have the burden to prove your innocence; rather, the prosecution is tasked with proving your guilt. If you have been charged with a crime in Boston, consider the following about … Read More

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Falsely Accused of a Crime

Every year, there are millions of people who are arrested on criminal charges throughout the United States. And while many of these people are indeed guilty of the crimes with which they’ve been charged, some people are arrested, charged, and even convicted based on false allegations and specious evidence. If you have been falsely accused of a crime in Massachusetts, … Read More

Can I Plead Insanity to Escape Criminal Charges?

If you’ve watched a lot of courtrooms dramas, you’ve no doubt encountered a scene in which charges against a defendant accused of a crime–typically a rather heinous one–are dropped on the basis that the defendant is insane. However, the way that the insanity defense works in actual, real-world criminal cases is much different than how TV portrays it. Consider the … Read More

How Long WIll a Conviction Stay on My Criminal Record?

Being charged with a crime is scary and upsetting in itself; being convicted of that crime is even worse. However, many people assume that by fulfilling the punishment to which they’ve been sentenced, maintaining good behavior, and reintegrating into society as a productive citizen, their criminal charges will no longer hold them back. Unfortunately, a crime may stay on your … Read More

What to Do Following a Wintertime DUI

Over the winter season, more people get charged for driving under the influence than at nearly any other time during the year. Not only are there more drunk drivers on the road, fueled by holiday parties that are brimming with alcoholic beverages, but there are also more police officers on the alert. What’s more, police officers will often put DUI … Read More

What Is Bail and How Does it Work in Massachusetts?

If you are arrested and charged with a crime in Massachusetts, you may be presented with the possibility of posting bail. In fact, bail is a very common element of criminal cases in Massachusetts, and therefore, understanding what bail is and how it works is important. Consider the following about bail in Massachusetts – if you have more questions, please … Read More

Do I Have to Register as a Sex Offender after Being Convicted of a Sex Crime in Boston?

Being charged with a sex crime in Boston can have serious consequences. Indeed, depending upon the details of the crime, a convicted person may face years in prison, a large fine, the requirement to attend mandatory counseling or education courses, and impaired opportunities, including difficulting in securing housing or employment. In addition to these consequences, a convicted sex offender has … Read More

DUI Arrests When the Car’s Not in Motion – Can You Be Charged?

If you have had a drink, or multiple drinks, and know that operating your car afterwards may be both unsafe and illegal, you may assume that sitting in your car and waiting it out is the best plan of action. Indeed, you may even consider sleeping in your car after you’ve been drinking, figuring that giving alcohol time to metabolize … Read More

3 Consequences of a White-Collar Criminal Conviction

Many people foolishly assume that the only criminal consequences that they need to worry about are those pertaining to violent crimes. However, this is not the case; a conviction for a white-collar criminal offense can have just as severe as, if not more severe, consequences. If you are charged with such a crime, the best thing you can do is … Read More