Worcester DUI Checkpoints What You Need to Know

One evening after returning home from a restaurant where you may have had several glasses of wine or beer, you see a line of cars ahead. As your vehicle inches closer, you notice several police cars and an officer stopping certain cars and questioning the driver. You realize that this is a DUI checkpoint, and that you risk being stopped … Read More

Larceny by Check – How To Beat It

Are you aware that bouncing a check is a criminal offense under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266, Section 37? There are few among us who have not bounced a check at some time in our lives, but generally the matter is resolved when we deposit funds in our account to cover the check. However, there are times when someone writes … Read More

Is It Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is assault and battery, but it more specifically refers to physical, emotional or economic abuse perpetrated on a family or household member. This includes a spouse or an individual with whom you have a child in common, or a person with whom you have or were at one time in a substantive engagement or dating relationship. A domestic … Read More

How to Get a Cinderella License In Massachusetts

If you were charged with a DUI or OUI (operating under the influence) but need your driver’s license to get to work, school or for medical treatment, you may be able to obtain a limited or restricted license to do so, often referred to as a Cinderella license.

Fighting a Distribution Charge

A drug distribution offense is a serious felony in Massachusetts that in some instances carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence. Jails and prisons in Massachusetts and every other state are filled with people convicted of drug crimes and are the most common offenses of those incarcerated. If you are found in possession of a controlled substance with the intent to … Read More

Boston DUI and You

Coming home after an office party or a restaurant where you had a few drinks and seeing a police cruiser with lights flashing in your rear-view mirror is an anxious moment for anyone. After you pull over, the officer comes to your window and asks if you have been drinking. Although you are hesitant to answer, you say that you … Read More

Boston Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is a statutory offense under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13A, and is a felony with serious penalties and consequences if convicted. There are 5 elements to this offense: You committed an unlawful touching of another person You intended to touch or to make physical contact with that person The touching or contact was offensive or harmful … Read More

An Overview of the Massachusetts Criminal Court Process

Being charged with a crime is unnerving. While working with a lawyer is one of the most critical parts of protecting your rights, it’s also key that you have an understanding of the fundamental elements of the criminal justice system and criminal court process. Here is a succinct overview of the basics – for more information, especially as it pertains … Read More

Arrested for Drug Possession What You Need to Know

Drug possession is one of the most common criminal offenses, not surprising given the widespread use of drugs in American culture and the increasing decriminalization for some substances like marijuana. But although recreational marijuana is now legal in Massachusetts, it remains illegal for you to possess more than one gram of it. And, possession of other commonly used substances like … Read More

Drinking and Driving Under Age 21 – Potential DUI Penalties in Brockton

For drivers who are 21 years of age or above, having a single drink and then getting behind the wheel of a car isn’t illegal (assuming that that single beverage doesn’t result in any impairment). In fact, drivers maintain the right to drive after drinking so long as their blood alcohol content is not .08 percent or greater, and so … Read More