Penalties for Sex Crimes in Salem, Massachusetts

Being arrested for and charged with a sex crime in Massachusetts is a very serious offense, and could have dramatic consequences for a defendant. The state of Massachusetts does not go easy on sex offenders, and if you are convicted of a sex offense, you will experience a permanent mark on your criminal record, potential jail or prison time, fines, … Read More

Campus Sexual Assault Defense

Being accused of committing an act of sexual assault or harassment is a very serious claim, and it could have a major effect on a young person’s life. Indeed, not only may the individual face criminal charges for the alleged act, but may also face disciplinary actions from a college or university as well, even if the act didn’t occur … Read More

An Overview of Massachusetts’ Marijuana Laws

Marijuana is a controversial drug, both in the state of Massachusetts, and across the nation. Indeed, while the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal substance, many states have created laws that autonomously address marijuana possession and use. Here’s an overview of what you need to know regarding Massachusetts’ marijuana laws, and when you may need to contact an … Read More

Will I Go to Jail if Charged with a DUI in Massachusetts?

Being charged with a DUI, referred to as an OUI (operating under the influence) in Massachusetts’ code, is a serious offense. To be sure, the crime is harshly penalized when it is committed, with OUI offenders facing large fines, the revocation of their licenses, and yes – even jail time. Consider the following regarding what you need to know about … Read More

What Are the Penalties for Trespassing in Massachusetts?

Trespassing is one of the oldest crimes in the book, dating all the way back to the settling of the country. Despite how aged of an offense it may be though, there are thousands of people who are convicted of trespassing across the country every year. At The Law Offices of Paul R. Moraski, our experienced criminal defense lawyer can … Read More

Package Theft: Have You Been Charged with Theft this Holiday Season?

Package theft is one of the most common types of holiday crimes. In fact, an article in CNBC reports that those in Massachusetts are about 1.43 times more likely (than the national average) to have a package stolen, and that roughly one in 10 adults have reported having a package taken from their porch before.

Can Tigers Get DUI’s?

Well Tiger Woods definitely can!  Tiger Woods is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, having thrilled fans since the 1990s with his enormous talent playing the game of golf and winning 79 PGA tour events that include 14 major titles, second only to Jack Nicklaus. However, his golfing and personal life took a downward spiral in 2009 … Read More

AWP Arrested While Protesting

Protesting is as American as apple pie. It started in pre-Revolutionary America and has continued to the present, notably with this summer’s protests at Charlottesville, Berkeley, Boston and other cites around the country. Most of these protests have involved free speech and included counter-protesters against white supremacy groups or those allegedly aligned with them.

DUI For The Shooter

Of possible interest to fans of the movie “Happy Gilmore” that starred Adam Sandler, there was another notable actor in the film, Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter McGavin. Mr. McDonald was recently arrested for DUI in Los Angeles after returning from an Oktoberfest party. Officers had observed McDonald’s Porsche that had run off the road and into an embankment. When … Read More

What Happens in an Assault With a Gun Charge?

It is illegal to threaten anyone or to cause bodily injury to another person by use of a gun or firearm or by the use of any object deemed a dangerous weapon. In a recent incident in Barnstable, a Hyannis man was arrested for threatening a family member with a firearm and for firing it, although no injuries were reported. … Read More