How Much Does An OUI or DUI Cost?

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What is a Flat Fee/Split Flat Fee?


Make no mistake about it, being charged with an OUI in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a money maker for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you take the Breathalyzer and fail, your license will be suspended. There will then be at least a $500 reinstatement fee. If you do not take the Breathalyzer your license will be suspended for 180 days and eventually you will pay a $500 reinstatement fee. If you are eligible and received a hardship license, there will be at least a $500 hardship license fee and then an additional $500 reinstatement fee for your actual license reinstatement. If you are placed on probation because of a Guilty Finding or Continuation Without a Finding (CWOF) there will be a $65/month probation supervision fee. You will also be charged a victim witness fee, a Head Injury Fee, an OUI Surcharge Fee and be charged for an Alcohol Education Class.

Being charged with an OUI can be an expensive proposition. If you are convicted or you receive a CWOF, you will be face Probation Costs, Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) Reinstatement Costs, Insurance Hikes, Alcohol Education Costs (possible other program costs) and Court Fines. Also, the higher number of OUI Offense you are charged with the greater the cost in fines and fees. However, getting a Dismissal of the charges with a Pre-Trial

I Charge Flat Fees when litigating your OUI Case. This means that I am going to charge you a particular Fee depending on the complexity of your case and the estimated time that I think it will take to resolve your case. That means that I am not charging you per Court appearance or charging you Hourly like many attorneys do. You know exactly what your legal fee is going to be when you hire me.

It is common for me in an OUI Case to do a Split Flat Fee Agreement with a Client. This means that if I’m able to resolve your case prior to trial (at the pre-trial stage) it might be one price and if the case gets scheduled for Trial it would be another price. For example, let’s say you and I have spoken about your case and we decided that you just want to go in on the first pre-trial date and you want me to plead out your case. That might be a Flat Fee Price of $1,500. Or we have spoken about your case and we have decided that you are going to take your case to Trial.

That might be a price of $5,000 because of the complexity of taking the case to trial and the time associated with a trial. These are just two hypothetical examples, that I use in helping my clients understand what a Split Flat Fee Agreement is all about. The actual cost of your case may be different, depending on the particulars of your case.

Are there other Costs, in addition to my Attorney Fees?

In some cases, there can be additional costs associated with the litigation of your case. For example, your case may require a private investigator who works for us to go locate and interview witnesses that are involved in your case. This investigator cost would be in addition to your legal fee. Some other common examples would be: expert witness fees, transcript fees, certified copies of medical records, Sheriff or Constable Fees, etc… At the outset of your case, I can usually anticipate what these costs will be. I will then charge a separate “cost retainer” for the anticipated costs that will aid us in your defense. Any of the monies that have not been used in the “cost retainer” will be returned to you at the conclusion of your case.

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