Who Is Eligible For a Hardship License?

If you’ve had your driving privileges revoked by the state following the conviction of a crime or a traffic offense (or a series of offenses), you may be very inconvenienced by the inability to drive. For some people, however, being granted a hardship license, also known as a Cinderella license, is a possibility. Consider the following information about who can obtain a hardship license in our state, and call our experienced OUI attorney for more information. 

Eligibility for a Hardship License in Massachusetts

A hardship license is a specialty driver’s license that allows those who have had their driving privileges suspended to continue to drive in order to meet certain needs. For example, if someone needs to drive for work or in order to pick up children from school, a hardship license may permit that. 

The eligibility requirements to get a hardship license vary depending on whether you have had your license suspended for a first-offense OUI, a subsequent OUI offense, a drug offense, or as a result of being a “habitual traffic offender.” 

The main criteria for getting a hardship license is that you must provide proof that being unable to drive will cause you to suffer a significant “hardship,” and that hardship must be related to work, school, or medical appointments. 

Requirements and Cost for a Hardship License

In addition to being able to prove that you would suffer a hardship if you were not to be granted a hardship license, you’ll also need to satisfy other requirements, too, such as providing proof regarding the availability of public transportation, proof that you are qualified for 24D disposition (depending on the circumstances of your case), and proof that any other active suspension or revocation periods have been completed. 

You will also need to pay for your hardship license. Reinstatement fees are found in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90 Section 33 and range from $100-$1,200.

Do I Need an Attorney When Seeking a Hardship License?

While you are not required to be represented by an attorney when you are seeking a hardship license, having an attorney on your side can be very beneficial. Your attorney can assist you in compiling the proper paperwork and application forms, ensure that you meet all of the criteria to apply for a hardship license, will help you to draft a statement regarding the importance of receiving a hardship license, and more. Working with an attorney can improve your chances of being granted a hardship license. 

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