When Can You Be Charged as an Adult for a Crime in Boston?

Kid in Handcuffs

For a parent, there is nothing easy about seeing one’s child be charged with a crime. However, there may be some comfort in knowing that depending on the child’s age, the youth may be charged in the juvenile court system rather than the adult criminal system. Consider the following about what you need to know regarding when a youth under the age of 18 years of age–the legal “age of majority”–can be charged as an adult for a crime committed in Boston–

Factors Considered in Determining How a Child Will Be Tried

There is no doubt that in the minds of adults who are well past the age of 18, a person 17 or younger is certainly a child. But should such a child be tried as an adult when facing criminal charges? The state of Massachusetts has struggled in answering this question. When deciding whether or not a youth should be tried as a juvenile or adult, the court looks at a number of factors including:

  1. The case will be open to the public (juvenile cases are confidential); and
  2. In a youthful offender case, the youth may be sentenced to the maximum penalty allowed under law for an adult – in juvenile court, the maximum penalty is commitment to the Department of Youth Services until age 18.

Get Legal Help If Your Child Is Facing Criminal Charges

If your child is facing criminal charges in the state of Massachusetts, you need to hire a skilled and experienced Boston criminal defense attorney immediately. If your child is at risk of being tried as an adult or a youthful offender, this is even more pressing.

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